YouTube Unlock Book

Dominate Your Niche

Coming Fall 2023 is Jeremy Vest's new book designed to help you dominate your niche on YouTube and grow your business faster

  1. Understand How The YouTube Algorithm Works & Find Your Niche, Topic & Superpower
  2. Master Storytelling For Retention & Watch Time
  3. Master Show Formats
  4. Master Your Inside Language
  5. Master Filming & Editing For Retention & Watch Time
  6. Master Topic & Keyword Research
  7. Master YouTube Shorts & Vertical Video
  8. Master Clickable Titles
  9. Master Clickable Thumbnails
  10. Master Livestreams
  11. Master Community Posts & Stories
  12. Master Audio Tracks and Captions
  13. Master YouTube Podcasts
  14. Master YouTube Optimization
  15. Master Making Money With YouTube (brand deals, affiliates, own products, ad revenue)
  16. Master YouTube Analytics

About Jeremy Vest

Jeremy's been a YouTube consultant for almost 15 years. His customers have over 20 billion organic views on YouTube. He's worked with dozens of the largest brands and creators in the world. He's spoke at VidSummit, Vidcon, Social Media Marketing World and founded Video Marketing World.