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Dominate Your Niche On YouTube (50% Off)

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Title, thumbnail, intro, script formulas, filming & editing formulas & cheatsheets

AI Bots

You will get every AI bot and bot we've created to help run large and small channels

14 Video Courses

Master level courses detailing each step in building your strategy

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YouTube has more than 2.6 billion active users that consume 1 billion hours of video everyday.

52% of internet users access YouTube at least once a month. And YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

The only reason YouTube does not work for most businesses , is because most businesses don’t know how to work YouTube. This is why I the YouTube Strategy Blueprint and it's my mission to help you succeed. 

Jeremy Changed My Life! 

Jeremy Vest has done so many things for me and my YouTube channel. Everything from how to start to how to really grow. He does this not only through his knowledge of marketing, but he helps you find your SuperPower and use it to your benefit. Jeremy has a servants heart and knows how to help others. People that listen and do what Jeremy says, can't help but grow.
- Roger W. 
533k subs

About Jeremy Vest

Jeremy, a seasoned YouTube consultant of 18+ years, has left an indelible mark on the creator landscape. His students boast an impressive 40 billion organic views on YouTube. A collaborator with giants, Jeremy's expertise has shaped campaigns for numerous leading brands and creators.


Grow faster on YouTube using the same 14-step process we used on our customers to gain over 40 billion organic views. 


What you'll get:
> Everything Needed To Create Your YouTube Strategy
> Video Instructions 
> YouTube Cheatsheets 
> YouTube Templates including title, thumbnail, intro, scripts, Filming and editing formulas
> AI Prompts
> Private Community 

Here is the 14-step breakdown of what you will learn:

  1. Understand the YouTube Algorithm
  2. Define Your Niche
  3. Develop Your Keywords 
  4. Define Your Audience & Understand Your Competitors
  5. Develop Your Title Templates 
  6. Develop Your Thumbnail Templates
  7. Develop Your Intro Templates
  8. Develop Your Storytelling Script Formula 
  9. Develop Your Series
  10. Develop Your Filming & Editing For Watch time Formula 
  11. Develop Your Schedule 
  12. Develop Your Likeability Formula 
  13. Refine Your YouTube Optimization
  14. Develop Your YouTube Analytics Custom Reporting  


Dominate Your Niche On YouTube (50% Off)

When I first started working with Jeremy I was pulling in around 5,000 views a day on the channel. On the final day I worked with Jeremy I was pulling in 50,000 views a day. There, that's your abridged testimonial! He was able to offer me new ideas, approaches, formats and concepts to my content. In particular I had a lot breakthrough moment with my thumbnails.

- Rob W.
1m subs 

Jeremy Vest is my sensei. After 12 years of working in a cubicle job and a couple years of running my YouTube channel, he took me in and gave me a job at VidPow and taught me everything he knows. And now, 6 years later, I have a channel with 1.4 million subscribers and a team of 10 people, and he's still my go-to guy when I've got YouTube questions.

- Joe S.
1.4m subs

Jeremy Vest has done so many things for me and my YouTube channel. Everything from how to start to how to really grow. He does this not only through his knowledge of marketing, but he helps you find your SuperPower and use it to your benefit. Jeremy has a servants heart and knows how to help others. People that listen and do what Jeremy says, can't help but grow.
- Roger W. 
480k subs

Jeremy's superpower is he helps creators zero in on a channel focus to unlock their true potential. His understanding of the game and how to strategically navigate it is just impressive. Through our time together, Jeremy has helped us instill new systems and processes to become more efficient in our production workflow and ultimately produce a better product for the right audience. His guidance has transformed our channel, our agency and our life. It's been a blessing to have him in our corner.

- Brian W.
56k subs 

Jeremy started coaching me and OH MAN! After our first session, I got more clarity, more focus, than I had even gotten out of any course or conference. Seriously. Jeremy has an amazing background that helped him nail exactly what I needed to work on and let go. I am more excited about creating than I’ve been in some time and it all goes back to the time Jeremy invested in me. I told him he’s become my Yoda. So appreciate his experience and heart! Thank you Jeremy, er, Yoda!

- Kevin K.
4k subs

Jeremy instilled confidence in my as a creator. YouTube has it's ups and downs but Jeremy consistently reminded me to stay focused and to stop comparing myself. We came up with a plan to grow my sponsorships as well as digital product sales. After working with Jeremy, I was able to significantly increase both of those areas of income. I now have two quality monthly sponsors for my channel. I am selling higher value digital products which as lead to my biggest year on YouTube. 
- Jason C. 
117k subs



How long do you get access?
Students get lifetime access

What skill level is this for?
From a beginner to a channel with millions of subscribers. A newer creator will get more value but my students range from 0 subs to 5 million.

Who Is This for? 
If you treat your YouTube channel like a business and know it's not going to blow up overnight then this might be the right fit for you. If you are willing to do very hard work and make videos each week. 

Who is this not for? 
If you are not willing to take criticism, study, do the work, make videos every week and try to improve 1% each week please don't waste our time or your money. 

If you're not willing to niche down to one main topic please do not purchase. 

If you would rather blame others or the algorithm for your lack of success please do not purchase this program. 

We have set rules, hours and can't be at your beck and call. This is also the reason it's affordable and we can teach more people. If you need more of a dedicated 1-on-1 coach please do not purchase this program.

Jeremy is 1 of the very few people I turn to when I need help with YouTube. I've been consulting myself on the platform for 9 years, and I know a lot... and when I need that fresh pair of eyes that will point that little thing that makes all the difference, Jeremy is the one I trust every single time. Jeremy is my goto guy I hire to help me with my own YouTube Channel. There's a reason he's grown some of the biggest channels in their niche.

- David W.
254k subs 

The first time I ever went to a presentation by Jeremy was at VidCon in 2019, his data on thumbnails was incredible. I truly believe there is no one else who understand what grabs a potential viewer's attention like Jeremy does. He has a unique ability to drill down to the exact element needed to take a video from HO HUM to viral potential. He is also just an amazing human and soeone I feel priveleged to have on speed dial!

- Devin / Braille 
5.8m subs

I have a modest channel with only 4 millions views, 30k subscribers. What you don't see is the advice I received from Jeremy that allowed my channel to grow in absence of regular content, marketing advice that made me the top 1% of social media influencers amongst Adobe employees. There are people who talk, and those who actually do things. Jeremy brings more than talent, and expertise obtained through experience. 

- A.J. Wood
32k subs

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