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Our superpower is to help your company shave years off of YouTube success. If you are spending time and money making videos you need to ask yourself if they are effective? Without the right strategy and execution, you might be wasting a lot more money then we charge. 

 We begin with a comprehensive audit of your channel, followed by crafting a robust YouTube strategy tailored to your specific goals.

Next, we'll help you develop high-impact templates for scripts, shows, titles, and thumbnails. Plus, we'll assist you in planning your content calendar for the upcoming months.

Our async coaching and detailed monthly scorecards ensure you stay on track. You’ll receive insightful suggestions and comprehensive reports, and have access to submit questions 24/7.

Jeremy is among the world's elite YouTube coaches. His students boast over 50 billion organic views, and he has propelled thousands of YouTube channels to new heights over the past 16 years. Jeremy’s expertise benefits creators and brands of all sizes, driving unparalleled growth and success.

Don't just dream about success. Achieve it with Creator Unlock.

 What You Get

  1. YouTube Audit
  2. YouTube Strategy Action Plan 
  3. Templates: Title, Thumbnail, Scripts, Hooks, Intros, Filming, Editing...
  4. Monthly Coaching Call
  5. Ask questions anytime 
  6. Monthly Progress Reports
  7. Monthly Video Report Cards 


Dominate Your Niche On YouTube!


100's of students with over 50 billion organic views on YouTube. 

Big Channels

The first time I ever went to a presentation by Jeremy was at VidCon in 2019, his data on thumbnails was incredible. I truly believe there is no one else who understand what grabs a potential viewer's attention like Jeremy does. He has a unique ability to drill down to the exact element needed to take a video from HO HUM to viral potential. He is also just an amazing human and someone I feel privileged to have on speed dial!

- Devin / Braille 
5.8m subs

Channel Growth!

Jeremy's superpower is he helps creators zero in on a channel focus to unlock their true potential. His understanding of the game and how to strategically navigate it is just impressive. Through our time together, Jeremy has helped us instill new systems and processes to become more efficient in our production workflow and ultimately produce a better product for the right audience. His guidance has transformed our channel, our agency and our life. It's been a blessing to have him in our corner.

- Brian W.
72k subs 

Sales Growth!

Jeremy instilled confidence in my as a creator. YouTube has it's ups and downs but Jeremy consistently reminded me to stay focused and to stop comparing myself. We came up with a plan to grow my sponsorships as well as digital product sales. After working with Jeremy, I was able to significantly increase both of those areas of income. I now have two quality monthly sponsors for my channel. I am selling higher value digital products which as lead to my biggest year on YouTube. 
- Jason C. 
117k subs

Pro's Strategist

I've been consulting myself on YouTube for 9 years, and I know a lot. Jeremy is my goto guy I hire to help me with my own YouTube Channel. There's a reason he's grown some of the biggest channels in their niche.

- David W.
254k subs

Industry Leaders

 When I first started working with Jeremy I was pulling in around 5,000 views a day on the channel. On the final day I worked with Jeremy I was pulling in 50,000 views a day. 

- Rob Wilson
1.7m subs 

Solid Start

Jeremy Vest has done so many things for me and my YouTube channel. Everything from how to start to how to really grow. Jeremy has a servants heart and knows how to help others. 

- Roger W. 
585k subs


Jeremy, a seasoned YouTube consultant of 16+ years, has left an indelible mark on the YouTube strategy landscape. His students boast an impressive 50+ billion organic views on YouTube. A collaborator with giants, Jeremy's expertise has shaped campaigns for numerous leading brands and creators.