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 If you really want to grow faster on YouTube use the same process we used on our customers to gain over 40 billion organic views. 

What you'll get:
> Everything needed To create your YouTube strategy
Lifetime access to every course 
> Lifetime access to our strategy blueprint
> Lifetime access to every template including title, thumbnail, intro, scripts, filming & editing formulas
> Lifetime access to every AI Prompt
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What People Are Saying:

Jeremy Vest has done so many things for me and my YouTube channel. Everything from how to start to how to really grow. He does this not only through his knowledge of marketing, but he helps you find your SuperPower and use it to your benefit. Jeremy has a servants heart and knows how to help others. People that listen and do what Jeremy says, can't help but grow.

Roger Wakefield

Jeremy Vest is my sensei. After 12 years of working in a cubicle job and a couple years of running my YouTube channel, he took me in and gave me a job at VidPow and taught me everything he knows. And now, 6 years later, I have a channel with 1.4 million subscribers and a team of 10 people, and he's still my go-to guy when I've got YouTube questions.

Joe Scott

When I first started working with Jeremy I was pulling in around 5,000 views a day on the channel. On the final day I worked with Jeremy I was pulling in 50,000 views a day. There, that's your abridged testimonial! He was able to offer me new ideas, approaches, formats and concepts to my content. In particular I had a lot breakthrough moment with my thumbnails.

Rob W. vidIQ